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Did someone say dirt bikes? We're super passionate about off-road motorcycles in general and that fanaticism gave rise to some sweet gear we think you'll dig.

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Our mission is simple, to design high quality performance & cosmetic parts & accessories to give you an edge everytime you ride

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Better is our design philosophy, we do better because we think better. For you it means higher quality materials and workmanship on everything we do.

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We wanted to fix average. We understood that premium would come at a price but we're confident that our quality and relevance will appeal to you.

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Why motocartel?

We ride dirt bikes, and we adore them, just like you do...

We live in a strange world. We're aware of this and our understanding of the need for freedom stretches far beyond surface talk. Daily we meet guys and girls from all walks of life who want to break free from the madness, from the drudge and from responsibility.

We heard people share their reasons for wanting to ride, and it inspired us to move.

We started Motocartel because we're connected to that thrill, to that experience and to that feeling of oneness we feel when we ride. Whether we ride in groups, or ride solo, we ride for the sake of riding, for the people we become when we ride and for the people our families experience when we come home. In a moment of clarity we wanted to tap into that and to provide riders with an alternative to average. We feel that if riders look good they'll feel good, and if they feel good they'll ride good, we do, everytime. Our accessories, whether designed in house or sourced from around the world, are of the highest quality and where possible we have opted for premium materials such as carbon fibre and titanium. Our focus is not merely cosmetic however, we have a unique understanding of some of the performance related challenges inherent to the design of modern 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke off-road engines, and as a result we design and manufacture performance parts to help you stabilise your ride and get the most out of your investment.

We're not done though, it doesn't end with the parts and accessories. Motocartel is the preferred distributor for several premium brands previously unavailable in South Africa.

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We're ready to thrill you!

Factory fasteners

We've designed a selection of titanium bolts to replace crusty OEM bolts

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Want a little more snap? We have solutions.

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We've have the finest carbon fibre panels/covers to protect your ride


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We've partnered with CMT Compositi of Italy to bring you the finest carbon fibre products for your ride. Click on any of the below images to see a collection of carbon fibre parts for your Husqvarna. Many of these parts are also available for KTM bikes.

Husqvarna Rear Panel ProtectionHusqvarna frame guardsHusqvarna ignition coverHusqvarna exhaust cap


Graphic design

The OEM bolts on Husqvarna and KTM bikes stay looking new for about one wash. The moment water touches them or a spanner head comes near them the dacromet coating is not only disturbed, but it comes off leaving your new ride looking crusty. We wanted better so we designed titanium bolts to replace your OEM bolts. These are much stronger, brighter and therefore cosmetically superior and they do not rust or corode. Also, since they are not coated, there is no surface finishing to chip off. Click on any of the below images to see some of our collection.

Husqvarna/KTM front fender boltsHusqvarna/KTM radiator boltsHusqvarna/KTM fork protector bolts